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FallenCap's Profile Picture
Steven Tei
Artist | Student | Varied
Heavily influenced by games and music.
A dude that likes to draw.
A guy who can't communicate well.
Tagged by :iconpoppyrous:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you, and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people. (Nope, i ain't gonna)
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MAY make a journal entry or pm me if you like :) .
9. This tag is just for fun, no harsh feelings .__.

~Facts about me~

1)I'm currently a newbie on my school.(Like the first semester starts not long ago)
2)I actually have globophobia and spectrophobia.
3)I would mostly get driven away by music or something i'm crazy about.
4)I'm quite an emotional guy.
5)I'm actually am a follower.(cant be a leader cause i suck at those XD)
6)I would joke at things at the wrong time, like seriously people really got offended because of my joke......
7)I like cute things(realistic and fictional)
8)I'm a introverted person.
9)I'm quite a relaxing guy, but when it comes to games and know how i would react. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
10)I'm having a bad habit of procrastinating with a combo of laziness.


1)What are you taking in college / What course are you planning to take?

  DIIT (Diploma In Information Technology)

2)Share with me the pics of the cutest animals you've seen!
  In Real World :… (not really am a dog person but i think it's cute)
  Meanwhile, In Virtual World :  Gentleman Gnar by GlSHl, Teemo by inkinesss,(LOL fan here ._____. )

3)Do you prefer Cakes or Ice Cream?

  I choose both (Mostly cake cause it's expensive >:D)

4)Who do you wanna meet in DeviantArt?

5)Are you happy with your life?
  To conclude my life, i would mostly say yes. Everyone isn't perfect so just be yourself and go enjoy yourself~~~

6)Do you need a hug right now //hugs Hug
Hope so,cause i'm not that great on hugging.(Waiting for a hugging competition)

7)What do you think of Art trades? Who do you want to trade arts with?
A motivational thing for me cause I've never get art trade before T.T
  Anyone who are willing to trade my crappy art XD

8)If you can go to a country, which country would it be?
UK? I'm not quite sure cause my country's money rate is dropping......

9)What can you say about Virtual Reality ?
  ~~Oh it's sooooo coo oo oo oo ooll~~~
               ~~So coo oo oo oo ool~~
                    ~~My computer cant handle the rendering~~

10)What will you do if you see your parents growing old and lonely but you're busy with work? (duuee I just have to ask this)
It's quite complex cause you dont wana lose your job and your parents at the same time, but i will try my best to stay in touch with my parents, without them i'm a nobody.

~My Questions~

1)What makes you like art or join Deviant Art?
2)Do you ever felt like you didn't exist in this world?( If yes,I will give you a :hug: ,you're a great person, don't let yourself down!!)
3)What is your favorite idol/singer/things or anything?
4)Do you actually have a deja vu before, like you dreamed the future or something?
5)Do you have any phobia(afraid of something)?
6)What interest you beside art?
7)What is your most memorable experience you ever have?
8)Would you rather rule the world or have all the things you like?
9)Samsung or Apple?
10)What is your childhood games?

Tagging mah friends :D
trezetreze , whitepaperrabbits , Velsinte , TsaoShin , TomHologram , TaylorChristine , Shuuri-kun , SeviYummy , Sarilain , ryky , ranits123 , PrideAlchemist7 , orion24 , jmin0311 , javicandraw , fluttershyluvsfoxy , Evanla , Evil-Alice8 , AnimeAlcoholism 

Hope you all will respond~


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Welcome, really like your art style~~
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thx for lama but what the lama do i mean why send me lama and what mean
FallenCap Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Student General Artist
For my opinion i would think its a small gift for other deviant's, many people would want their llama to get to the last stage.
Then i found out this was an April fool's feature that hit big and turn it into a gift.

You can check the topic on this forum:…
mwne Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017
thx for explain
FallenCap Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Welcome~ :D
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